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ICY CONDITIONS: Van Rolls Injuring Two

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The snowy weather caused traffic problems around central Iowa, Monday.

The Polk County sheriff’s office responded to a call just before 3 p.m. Monday afternoon near Bondurant.

Authorities found a full sized passenger van at the center of the median on Northeast Hubbell.

The van had 10 passengers inside.

Two people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Officials are still investigating but believe the cause is weather related.

One person was taken by helicopter from the scene of a crash near Stuart.

The roads were covered with a glaze of ice as the wind froze melted snow on the road way.

There's no word on the crash victim's condition Monday evening.

Another car crash occurred in Des Moines around 3:30 p.m. An SUV slid off Highway 5 near Highway 28.

Crews had to close the ramp for a short time but it has since re-opened.

Authorities are warning drivers to slow down on ramps and bridges.