MURPHY’S LAW: Husband Tases Wife, Globetrotter Dunk Scare, Shaky Michigan Speech

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Finally saw “Captain Phillips”. It’s good, but not quite great. Riveting true story, expertly directed by Paul Greengrass (Bourne Ultimatum, United 93), featuring another standout performance from Tom Hanks. But Captain Phillips needed editing. It’s a 2 hour 15 minute movie that should have been 1:45. A+ possibilities, but a B+ for repetitive scenes. …

Thanks to a DVD loan from B-Ross, also finished the Hangover trilogy with Hangover 3. It’s bad. The Hangover was so funny.  They basically made the same movie again in the cash grab known as Hangover 2. It’s nowhere near as good, but still provides some big laughs. Hangover 3 is an attempted action movie featuring Chow. Big mistake. Only Zach Galifianakis keeps 3 from being a complete waste of time. C- …

Speaking of riding the lightning, did you hear of the Bears fan who won a bet with his Packers-loving wife last week? Loser gets tased? Well, John Grant won, and tased his wife. He was later arrested. The video has emerged from the darkness:

The Bucs are defeated no more. There’s a chance the Dolphins were distracted. Not to mention missing two starting offensive linemen. You know which ones. …

If you caught the entertaining Globetrotters in Des Moines last year, or any year, you know the Trotters don’t just dunk, they do a full body pull-up. In Honduras, this nearly cost a player his head. The video shows a scary close miss:

Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman, formerly of Iowa, sounded drunk to the ears of many fans listening at halftime Saturday. Michigan released a statement stating Coleman was not drunk, and had been at an alcohol-free alumni gathering before the Wolverines game. A spokesperson says audio feedback from a wireless mic is to blame, not drinking. Here’s Coleman’s impromptu speech:

The public will help buy another baseball stadium for the Braves? Ridiculous. …

Braves fan John Sears didn’t get much work done Monday. John claims the Rock & Ladder trophy got in his way, and should be returned to Grand View.

sears trophyMy favorite eyeglasses are no more. The newest member of our dog brigade, Tina, chewed them up Saturday night. She looked a little guilty, but not enough.

tina glasses

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    Audio feedback delay,no way. She was plastered. I know plastered and she was plasturddd ,oh look it my fingerts happyhappy fingierts acrosthekeysboredandlalalalalallal falallalalal merry crissmasss.boy this is gooood nog!!! Go hawks!

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