NEW HOSPITAL: Approval Given In Marshalltown

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Change is coming on the health front in Marshalltown.

“We’re very excited to announce we’ve gotten approval from the Health Facilities Council to build phase one of our replacement facility,” says John Hughes, President of Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center.

The approval from the state means a new 75,000 square foot building on a new campus by Highway 30 on the south edge of town. The project will cost $35 million.

Phase one plans include wound care, therapy, urgent care and labs sections of the facility.

Many of the buildings in the current complex are 50 years old and the campus sits on seven acres with no room to grow.

“It’s really about the space design. This is a facility that was designed for inpatient care, most care is not transitioned to outpatient we’d like to design a more physician and patient friendly environment that’s a little easier for our patients and providers to use and navigate,” says Hughes.

The new hospital complex groundbreaking is set for next spring with the center slated to open in mid-2015.

Developers are looking at the current hospital site for a possible apartment complex and new park east of downtown.