THREE MINUTES: Shane Blanchard, Waukee City Council

Posted on: 12:10 am, November 11, 2013, by

One candidate was reelected to the Waukee City Council last week despite his claim that someone tried to sabotage his campaign.

Shane Blanchard opened up about the drama behind the politics as he sat down with Channel 13’s Dan Winters to spend Three Minutes in the Chair.

Blanchard and his wife have two children.  Aside from his city council position, he works at a local car dealership.


  • John says:

    I really enjoy this 3 minute segment of the news but I must ask, Why do you shoot it in a manor as such that your guests look to be the size of hobbits? Or is it that Dan is actually just a shaved sasquatch? Just kiddin guys, Good work.

  • Actually I’m only 5″6 so I’m short for my age. Lol :)

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