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VETERANS HONORED: Jasper Co. Remembers

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Jasper County veterans gathered to remember those who have served paying special attention to those who have recently returned from overseas deployments.

Richard Wobst looked around the Newton VFW and recognized how things had changed.

Wobst, known to friends as "Doc," served as a combat medic in Vietnam. He said when he returned from war, he was warned to quickly change out of his military uniform.

Americans unhappy with the images that showed the horrors of war would take out their frustrations on service members in uniform.

"In many instances," Wobst said, "they took out their anger on returning veterans. We were just going where we were told to go and doing what we were told to do. But it's a whole better for returning veterans now."

Wobst wants Iowans to think about the needs of families of veterans. He thinks they often "serve in silence and forced to deal with the ravages of war."

Dozens gathered inside the Newton VFW to honor the service of Iowans over the country's history.