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VETS HONORED: Center Holds Special Ceremony

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A group of Veterans got the recognition they deserve Monday afternoon.

Residents at Valley View Village Assisted Living Center enjoyed a hero’s ceremony.

Each of the 18 WWII Veterans living there had their names read and were presented with a poppy pin.

One of those was Don McGillivray who served in the Army Air Corps for three years.

“I was a radio operator and gunner on a B17 flying fortress, serving with the 15th Air Force in Italy. I’m the only member of my ten man crew that completed the 50 missions,” says McGillvray.

McGillivray was 18 when he signed up to serve his country, and sometimes worried he wouldn't make it back home.

“I was very scared, I was petrified and I did a lot of praying. I didn`t think I’d ever make it, I really didn`t,” says McGillivray.

Fellow WWII Veteran Lee Huss had a different experience.

“I was in the first element that landed in Northern Ireland in January 1942, we were the first element that landed over there,” says Huss.

Huss was 22 when he signed up to serve in the Army.

He helped make sure his fellow soldiers had enough food and supplies to fight.

“I got the rations and when the units come in to draw we would issue them and we also carried about 50,000 gallons of gas for division vehicles when they would come in,” remembers Huss.

Every Veteran at Valley View Village has their own unique stories to tell, but all agree they don’t regret the decision to serve.

This is the second year the facility has held a Veteran’s Day Ceremony co-organized by HCI Hospice Care Services.

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  • Cindy

    HCI Care Services co-sponsored this Veterans Honoree Service at Valley View Village. What an honor and pleasure to meet these heros! Many thanks to Peggy Erickson Activities Director who helped spearhead this service! Many thanks to all our Vets who bravely fought so we can be free today!

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