FIREFIGHTING POLL: Should Men & Women Take The Same Physical Fitness Test?

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Trial By Fire continues tonight on Channel 13 News at 10 as Erin and Sonya take the physical firefighting test.

There’s ongoing debate over whether men and women should take the same test. We want to hear your opinions. Vote below and leave a comment. We’ll feature the results on Wednesday’s News at 10.  



  • David Young

    The victims are the same size regardless of the gender of the firefighter. I don’t want someone who can’t move me or help saying, “Wait, I’ll go get a stronger person to help.”

  • Eric Sellers

    I agree with the above comment and would like to take it a step further and say that as a volunteer firefighter I would not want someone as my partner in a house fire that took a lesser of a test to rely on if I went down. You see, every firefighter must be able to help out not only the victims but also their fellow firefighters. There are some professions that MUST NOT offer lesser or reduced requirements and fire fighting is among those that must never differentiate between two exams. If your man enough to do it then awesome, if your woman enough to do it then thats awesome too. But if your not able to pass the 1 and ONLY test then you need to think of and find a new line of work. I will leave you with one final question…would you want your husband, father, brother, or son to enter a house fire with a partner (male or female) that was given the job fully knowing they couldn’t pull them out if needed? I think not.

  • Nick

    I weigh 260. If there are different standards, I’ll take the sex that ha to do more. They should be held to the same standard, it is a safety issue.

  • Kent Balduchi

    I think it’s insulting to any particular group to modify the test (provided the test standards are relevant to the essential functions of the job) just so more members of that group will pass. Doing so, by its very nature, says “your group is inferior so we have to make the test easier”. Candidates for ANY job have to possess the necessary skill set. Gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. are irrelevant.

  • Ishmale Whale

    Unless things have changed, the Marine Corps. have always had a uniform PT test that was equal for male and female. Females wanted to be treated as equals, so they gave them that with one test fits all…And they did NOT lower the standards.

  • Irritated

    Why are we talking about this? Why aren’t we talking about departments who still elect their chiefs and officers by a popularity contest and don’t require their members to be certified?

  • tiffany

    I am a volunteer fire fighter and am currently taking a fire fighter one certification class. There are 3 other women in my class. And I am glad that the standards are the same for women as they are for men. A woman needs to be able to physically do the same job as a man. It is a team job. Fire doesn’t discriminate against gender. Being properly trained and physically fit and capable of doing the job could mean the difference between life and death

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