WHEELCHAIR FALL: Disabled Woman Robbed

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Des Moines police are looking for two men who saw a woman fall out of her wheelchair Monday. But instead of helping her, they helped themselves.

"I was getting ready to go and pay my bills, like my rent and stuff," says 57-year old Sharon Barnhill. "And I got to the corner of the curve and my chair went off. So I tumbled. And when I tumbled they just came and ran over and snatched my purse."

It happened at Barnhill’s apartment on the city's south side.

Barnhill says she originally thought the two were coming to help her after she had fallen, but instead, they stole her purse with $500 for her rent inside. She tried to fight the two guys off, but couldn't.

"I was trying to hold on to it, you know, but I wasn't... I wasn't in a position to hold on to my purse. And I didn't want them to start doing something like beating me or something."

Barnhill was able to climb up off the ground and get back in her wheelchair. She called police, but no suspects have been arrested yet.