AIMING HIGH: Governor Urging College Applications

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The governor visited East High School Wednesday urging students to apply for college.

“My mother always used to say, ‘get a good education because they can’t take that away from you,’” Gov. Branstad told the students.

The governor signed the Iowa College Application Campaign Proclamation Wednesday. The campaign is active at East High raising awareness about higher education and encouraging students, especially those from underserved populations, to apply for college.

This year at East, 360 seniors making up 80% of the class have submitted applications.

“I’m so proud to say I’m a senior in the class of 2014 because I know we ar e hard workers and we’re really trying to better our reputation to so people can see we’re not what people say we are, we’re a lot more,” senior, Jeilah Seely said.

Branstad also reminded students they can fill out the FASFA for federal financial aid after January 1.

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