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OBAMA PROPOSAL: Iowa Lawmakers React To Fix

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The Affordable Care Act has resulted in millions of Americans losing their health insurance. Now those customers could get a one-year reprieve.

President Obama said Thursday state insurance commissioners can allow renewals of insurance plans that don’t meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. As part of the change, insurance companies must notify policyholders of the difference in benefits between their policies and the Obamacare plans available on the insurance exchanges.

The change is expected to impact about 1,000 Iowans. Republican Iowa congressman Steve King says the president doesn’t have the power to change a congressionally approved law.

King released a statement saying, “It is unconstitutional for the president to attempt to rule by executive edict. Obamacare cannot be fixed, it is fundamentally flawed.”

Republican Senator Charles Grassley echoed those arguments asking, “What will it take for the President to admit the law isn`t working and at least call for a full delay?”

Senator Tom Harkin, who is a Democrat, also disagrees with the president’s changes but for different reasons

Harkin says the extension will leave people with insufficient insurance coverage. Harkin says, “In the vast majority of cases, they will find that the coverage that they were paying good money for is not worth the paper it was printed on.”

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  • Coffee Pot

    And then we have some senators that aren’t worth the paper the ballot was on either. Obama care is a joke. But now the insurance and health market is a disaster because of it. It can’t go back now.

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