LEADERSHIP IOWA: Fort Dodge Bio-Park A Hot Topic

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The new bio-park in Fort Dodge has been a hot topic for discussion this week for Leadership Iowa.

“They are spending $323-million on the plant to make amino acids, principally lysine for use in poultry and hog feeding,” said Dennis Plautz, Fort Dodge Growth Alliance.

Community leaders from around the state are in Fort Dodge to see how CJ America partnered with Cargill and the overall effect the new partnership is having on the community.

Iowa is seeking companies from across the U.S. and the globe that can benefit from being in an agricultural state, said Iowa Development Authority Director Debi Durham.

“So Cargill was the anchor when they bought the Tate and Lyle plant and now they are bringing in customers, suppliers and vendors like CJ that can co-locate it with them.  It is a textbook model of how to do economic development,” Durham said.

The new plants bring hundreds of jobs to Fort Dodge.  New housing is also being built to accommodate the new residents in the community.