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RESTAURANT CLOSES: 50 Year Ames Legacy Ends

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It's a busy night at the Suburban Restaurant in Ames. The phone is ringing off the hook and the reservations for Friday night were made days ago. That should give you an idea of how popular the eatery is.

Susie Lyon manages the front of the house. Her sister, Diane Cox, cooks making everything from scratch. Together they own Suburban’s. A 50 year legacy their parents started.

“We're here at 7 in the morning and here until 9:30 at night maybe, just getting everything done,” says Diane.

The time spent at the restaurant is taxing on the sisters. Older sister, Susie, has had some heath issues and the idea of retirement sounds nice.

“We`ve had 50 good years so now is a good time,” says Susie.

The two have decided to close Suburban’s. The last dinner will be served Saturday night.

“You feel like this is the other part of your extended family and you don`t know when you’re gonna see ‘em anymore,” comments Susie.

That's why Friday night; every seat in the house is full.

Regular customer, Barbara Giebelestein, says, “Oh we don`t want her to go. I just tried to talk her into a staying another week.”

It’s hard, for Susie to close down the place her parents opened in 1963. She says Suburban Restaurant was one of a kind.

“It’s kind of sad in a way because you don`t have many restaurants like this anymore.”

However she recalls a piece of her father's advice has always stuck with her.

“He used to tell us it only takes a minute longer to do it the right way.”

After 50 years they’ve must have done something right.

The owners say they tried handing down the restaurant to other family members but no one was willing to take on the responsibility. The restaurant opens for dinner Saturday at 4:30 pm.


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