BIRTHDAY BASH: Governor Branstad’s Celebration

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On Sunday, the Governor will celebrate his 67th birthday but on Saturday night, 700 of his closest friends celebrated a few hours early.

Former vice presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan, topped the guest list and was the party’s keynote speaker.

It’s Congressman Paul Ryan’s first time back in Iowa since the 2012 general election.

“When I look back at this campaign believe me it was a tough loss. It was tough for all of us. We were in a funk for a good 6 months,” says the Congressman.

Since then, he’s come up with a message to revive the Republican Party.

“What we have to do is show the country were not just the opposition party but the proposition party.”

He spoke on how Obamacare has failed Americans and he blames the Democrats for that. He also cautioned Iowans to be careful of whom they fall for as political season gains momentum.

“So the next time you have a famous politician coming through Iowa breezing through the towns talking about big government let's be a little more skeptical.”

However the Iowa Democratic Party claims the GOP isn't what people want. Party chair, Scott Brennen issued this statement.

'Republicans like Terry Branstad and Paul Ryan keep promising Iowans something fresh and something to celebrate about - but all we keep seeing are the same stale, backwards policies of the past that Iowans don`t like and Republicans don`t win with. Terry Branstad should spend his birthday reflecting on his failed year as governor and simply not wishing that things will get better next year.”

GOP Party Chairman, A.J. Spiker disagreed.

“Democrats don't have anything good to say about Republicans in general and given the failure of Obamacare I think they're really looking to lash out at any Republican they can.”

Congressman Ryan made no mention of running in the 2016 presidential race but he noted in his speech he should come back to Iowa more often.


  • Lisa Wagner

    Oh are both of you doctors? Certainly you have not a clue as to how rigorous their schedules are. They work hard, the good one’s like Branstad and his staff, to serve this state and the nation.

    • Momk90

      The good one’s? Two sets of books to his name? And I suppose only a republican can be a “good one” as you say.

  • william denison

    $65.00 a plate to have dinner with Turkey Neck Terry and the rest of the liars. Its nice to see that the common people in this state have a voice. Why not have a free party for a man voted for by ALL the people of this state rich or poor? I guess if theres no money to be made its not worth the Repubs time here in this state.

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