Fareway Dietitian Whitney Packebush stopped by to talk about the options people have on Thanksgiving.  Making a whole turkey takes hours and the birds are huge, which is an inconvenience for those crunched on time or only celebrating with a small group.

Packebush offered many options for those not looking to cook a whole turkey on Thanksgiving, like turkey tenders which, like chicken strips, are a great option for kids and picky eaters.  Bacon fans will want to try the bacon-wrapped turkey broil.

For those with a little more time and still want turkey, Packebush recommended buying a bone-in turkey breast.  The turkey breasts come large, usually weighing six-pounds and they typically take one-hour and 45 minutes to cook.

For those with a smaller dinner party and want something a little fancier, Packebush recommended Cornish hens.  You can cook the one-pound birds individually, so each diner can have their own.


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