CYCLONE FOOTBALL: Oklahoma Sooners Game Highlights

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The Iowa State Cyclones played the University of Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday.  The game kicked off at 11 a.m. in Norman, Oklahoma.

The game got off to a slow start, with neither team making it on to the scoreboard in the first quarter.

The second quarter begins and Iowa State takes possession, the Cyclones take the ball and rush for a touchdown.  With 14 minutes left in the second quarter, the Cyclones lead the Sooners 7-0.  But the Sooners were back at it with a 22-yard field goal, tightening the score to 7-3.

The Cyclones go for a 29-yard field goal just two minutes later and it’s good.  The Cyclones lead the game 10-3.  With one minute left before half-time, the Sooners make a comeback.  Oklahoma evens the game score with a touchdown, tying the game 10-10.

The second half of the game starts and the Sooners snag the ball.  Just one minute into the third quarter and Oklahoma runs the ball for a touchdown, leading the Cyclones 17-10.  Seven minutes later it’s the Sooners again with their second field goal of the game.  Oklahoma boosts their lead 20-10 against Iowa State.

But the Sooners comeback in the third wasn’t over there. With four minutes left in the third, Oklahoma runs the ball to the end zone for another touchdown pushing their lead up 27-10.

The fourth quarter begins and it’s the Sooners back with the ball.  Oklahoma runs the ball for another touchdown.  With 14 minutes left in the game the Sooners lead the Cyclones 34-10.

But the Cyclones couldn’t stop the Sooners and Oklahoma takes possession of the ball yet again.  The Sooners run the ball to the end zone for another touchdown.  With nine minutes left in the game, the Sooners have a heady lead at 41-10.

The 30-point lead wasn’t enough for Oklahoma and with three minutes left the Sooners push for another touchdown.  The Cyclones can’t stop the final touchdown and the Sooners boost their lead 48-10.

The Cyclones will head home to Ames with a loss.  The Oklahoma Sooners home game becomes a win with the final score of the game 48-10.

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