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More than five million Americans are living with alzheimer’s but for a 10-year-old girl, that number is a personal one.

Meet Grace Officer. She's pretty quiet but finds her voice in the kitchen.

“This idea came to me randomly nothing really in particular,” says Officer.

Officer’s mother, Mary, says Grace is always thinking of new ideas.

“Grace just takes things and runs with it and brings all of us along with her.”

However, this idea might be her sweetest.

“When she asked about it we bought a few cake mixes,thought it would be a couple dozen and call it a day,” says Officer’s mother.

Every Sunday in November, the 10 year old bakes 20 dozen cupcakes to sell the following day.

Officer says, “Well there is just a lot of people who don`t have what I have so If I give back, I feel good.”

She says she wanted to bake cupcakes for cancer during the month of October but felt she was running out of time. Instead, November is Alzheimer ’s Disease Awareness month; a month that held more meaning.

“Well my grandma on my mom`s side has alzheimer’s, so I wanted to find a cure before me, my mom or my sister gets it.”

So far she's raised 600 dollars that money goes straight towards alzheimer’s research.

Officer hopes her actions inspire others to do good things, but her actions have even inspired her own mother.

“It’s pretty amazing to look at the world through her eyes. It`s a much better view.”

Officer is booked making cupcakes through the end of the month. However, next week is her birthday and she said she will not be having cupcakes.

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