AUTISM COVERAGE: Dispute Being Resolved

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A boy from Ames has been in jeopardy of losing his autism therapy, but Monday, there is a ray of hope.

Channel 13 brought Landon Delisi's situation to light. The Delsi’s were looking at a $20,000 bill for services already provided even though a 2010 state law mandates autism treatment for all state employees and their dependents.

“If the law is there, it hasn`t changed and everyone`s interpretation of it that you pay for these services... You pay for these services,” dad, Matt Delisi said at the start of the month.

The Delisi's have waited for months for the state, the insurance commissioner and Wellmark to hash out a decision.

One of the issues was who can administer Landon's therapy. Does it have to be a board certified therapist or can someone under their supervision provide the therapy?

Monday, two weeks after our story aired, a Wellmark spokesperson says Wellmark received a letter from the state, "We do have the guidance we need now, to administer this appropriately going forward."

Landon's father also received word from his human resources department that there's been movement on this issue.

It appears Landon's situation is being worked out and he will be able to continue receiving therapy.