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DAMP ATTITUDES: Rainy Overnight Fundraiser

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Organizers of Reggie’s Sleep Out say this is by far the worst weather they`ve had to work with. But they don`t see that as a bad thing since the point of the sleep out is to experience what it`s like to be homeless.

A little rain never hurt anybody, but it can kill cardboard in seconds…even the legendary Lego man did not last long. Almost everyone was on their way out of Drake Stadium by 5 a.m.

But Poni Lejukole stayed to see what it’s like to live in these conditions. Lejukole says, “They don`t have an option to just go drive in their cars and just go to a warm home.”

And because her team slept through most of it.

Jabre White’s team didn`t make it. But he’s leaving with the camp out’s main message in his mind. White says, “I realized I should appreciate me having a roof over my head a little bit more.”

Waterproof tarps and tents took on the rain just fine. But nothing out there could handle the hail, including Lejukole. She says, “I’m pretty sure the roof got really sick of it. After a while and it just collapsed.”

No one lasted the entire night. But the memories they made and the lessons they learned will last a lifetime.