THREE MINUTES: Director Of Drug Control Policy Steve Lukan

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There is a push among some Democrats in the Iowa legislature to legalize medical marijuana.

Channel 13’s Dan Winters sits down for Three Minutes in the Chair with the man whose job it is to keep Iowans off drugs – Steve Lukan, Director of the Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy.


  • La Mar

    There are Harvard Studies and the U.S. Government owns a patent showing cannabis cures cancer. Ask him, if that is the case, should we legalize it?

  • William Denison

    Mr.Lukin is worried about cannabis getting into the hands of young people. Really? Mr.Lukin is fighting the long lost war on cannabis. Young people are the highest % of users already. Is that the best argument he has? If he was so worried about them getting a hold of cannabis and ruining their lives smoking it then why is he ruining the lives of those very same people if they get caught smoking it? Kinda like a dog chasing its own tail.

  • Carl Olsen

    Mr. Lukin would prefer that you use legal, prescription drugs, like cocaine. Oh, wait? Did he say marijuana leads to the use of cocaine? What is he actually saying?

  • BfloBill

    According to CDC data, Mr. Lukan is not telling the truth:

    “Since the passage of HB10-1284, Colorado’s historical medical marijuana regulation legislation, current marijuana use among high school students in Colorado has dropped from 24.8% to 22.0% according to the Federal Government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Assessment. These findings are consistent with a recent report published by Professor Mark Anderson that shows no noticeable link between increased youth marijuana use and states legalizing medical marijuana. In fact, the reports show that marijuana use among teens in Colorado is slightly below the national average.” ” By putting marijuana behind the counter, requiring proof of age, and strictly controlling its sale, we could make it even harder for teens to get their hands on it.”

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