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TORNADO RELIEF: Iowans Illinois Bound

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The American Red Cross is asking the Iowa region for as much help and assistance as possible in the wake of the tornadoes that hit Illinois and the Midwest Sunday.

Local volunteers are already heading towards the disaster areas.

Packing for a week-long trip away from home is never easy. It’s even harder to pack when you’re spending week assisting others in an area affected by a disaster, and you have just hours to prepare.

But when you volunteer for three to five of these a year, like couple Dellaine and Tony Spencer, you get used to it. Dellaine Spencer says, “All of our Red Cross shirts and fleece are in one spot in the closet, so we just take them off the hangers and put them in the suitcase.”

The Spencers are driving in an American Red Cross ERV to Peoria, IL to assist those affected by tornado damage.

The carnage caused from multiple tornadoes tearing through the Midwest has the American Red Cross calling for all the Iowa region’s all ERVs, because it’s the closest unaffected state.

Red Cross reps say they’re accepting cash donations and are always looking for volunteers.

The Spencer’s have their own efficient system; Dellaine is the makeshift mom and Tony deals with the logistics.

No matter where they go, they never leave without their GPS. Dellaine says, “We have our division of labor I’m the mac reader and the GPS runner and he’s the driver.”

And thanks to their GPS and a lot of teamwork they’ll get there in no time.