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WASIKE AUCTION: Community Helps Family

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On Sunday, supporters of a man who was severely beaten earlier this year held a fundraiser to help his family.

Police say three teens robbed and severely beat Mike Wasike during a carjacking in February. Because of the beating Wasike can’t walk, talk, or see. He’s being cared for at a rehabilitation center in Oklahoma.

Friends and family attended an auction called A Day for Mike at the Iowa Events Center Sunday. The Maple Grove United Methodist Church hosted the event and all the items were donated.

Supporters raised $20,000 so far for his medical bills but it doesn’t cover everything..

Wasike’s wife, Joan is thankful for the financial and emotional help.

“When this happened initially, I’ve been so lonely. I feel lost being in a foreign country, I didn’t know a lot of people. But today, this situation is different. I feel like I have a lot of family around me. A lot of support. I have so many shoulders to lean to, to cry to when I need help,” says Joan Namachemo.

Wasike’s wife says Mike has been feeling better and responding more often.

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  • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

    My heart goes out to this man and his family. I hope the people who did this were caught and if not that they will be. Because of hearing loss I am unable to follow news on TV, however I have recently discovered this method of getting news. I hope WHO will continue to follow Mike and his family in his recovery and will post updates.

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