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ICY ROADS: Accidents Add To Commuters’ Woes

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The DOT tried to stay ahead of the freezing rain Thursday evening but there was little they could do as a thin layer of ice covered everything.

The slick conditions made for a tough commute for motorists. The National Weather Service urged drivers to exercise caution and slow down to avoid accidents.

The slick roads sent a number of commuters sliding, including a driver who crashed on the Highway 5 bridge passing over Hwy 28.

Things got even worse the further west drivers went.

Cars were backed up for miles on I-80 as accidents and ice slowed everyone down.

At least one person was killed Thursday on Iowa roads.

A Wisconsin man rolled his truck in Pottawattamie County around noon just as the freezing rain started to fall.

DOT trucks are still out Thursday applying de-icing chemicals and spreading sand for traction.

You can check out the latest road conditions here.

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