Everyone who was alive the day President Kennedy was shot dead knows exactly where they were when they heard the news.

Residents of Des Moines' Wesley Acres share their memories of the momentous day, 50 years on.

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  • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

    Where was I? Sitting in my parents front room watching WHO – TV. There was a noon movie on when the interruption came… We interrupt the regularly scheduled programing at this time blah blah blah.. I was so mad.. WHAT could be so important as to interrupt the movie? And then I found out… I recall what I was wearing, where I was sitting and the first thought through my mind was that if our President had been killed by unknowns, would an attack on our country follow.

  • Hildegard HamHocker

    So why didn’t Iowa lower their state flags yesterday in respect? Didn’t Mr. Branstad give a rats rear about that, Oh silly me, Kennedy was a Democrat and Terry wasn’t going to let Iowa honor a Democrat.

    and you want him in office another term? you have to be nuts.

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