ADOPTION SATURDAY: Kids Find Permanent Homes

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It's the one day each year when the Polk County Courthouse is all smiles.

34 children were adopted into twenty-four families Saturday.

It's all a part of “Adoption Saturday”, a nationwide event where judges volunteer part of their weekends to finalize adoptions.

Judge Colleen Cohen says Polk County doesn't have a backlog of adoption cases.

However, the Saturday event allows judges to see families without competing against the typical courthouse traffic.

"It's a wonderful opportunity to be here and see the good we can do. Usually our days are filled with some good, some not so good. It sets the tone for the rest of the year,” said Cohen.

In thirteen years of the event, more than 500 central Iowa children have been adopted.

Nationwide, there is just over 100,000 children up for adoption.


  • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

    A few years ago, one of the most beautiful energetic little blond headed blue eyed little girls in the state of Iowa became a part of our family through this process after having been bounced from one foster home to another. She now has a wonderful Dad, Mom & brother as well as a huge extended family with many aunts uncles and cousins. Thank You Iowa for allowing children to have real families again after the loss of their natural family.

  • Jeanne Munson

    A few years ago 4 beautiful little children were ripped away from their family, split apart and adopted out on adoption Saturday. Two of these four children were adopted into filth and poverty. Unfortunately Adoption Saturday is the biggest travesty that exists. The majority of these children don’t need a home they have loving homes with loving families. Shame on you Judge Cohen for destroying these families. The families that adopted them changed their names and stole their identities. Adoption Saturday should be abolished, all it does is remind the families of what has happened to their own children and create more pain. I am not just speaking for myself, we have a whole organization of families that has joined together to speak out against this. For every needy child that has been adopted into a family there are four children who were ripped away from loving families. I can’t help but wonder about the family of this beautiful energetic little blond headed blue eyed girl. Jeanne Munson, Grandparents Rights Association of Iowa

    • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

      Jeanne Munson… Both parents were into drugs and so was the grandmother. This child now lives in a very nice home and is adored by a huge family. She had been bounced around so much she didn’t expect to have a home forever. After she was with her new family a few weeks she asked when they were going to send her away. She is a well adjusted child who is very happy with the life she has now.

      Flip side of the coin… A child from my extended family was placed for adoption outside of the family, I adored and loved this child very much.
      I have not seen him for 10 long years, but one day I am sure I will see him again. I know he was placed in a good home where he has an older sibling. Had he remained in the family his life would have been total chaos and his chances for a decent life would have been very slim. Sometimes this is the ONLY way for kids to have a chance.

      There is currently another child in my extended family who has been removed from the parents & will most likely be adopted out.
      My heart breaks, but again this is a situation where the child’s best chance for a decent life is through adoption.

      Drugs, abuse, and irresponsibility are a major forces in these situations.

      • Jeanne Munson

        Mary I am a good grandmother, I am a Christian, I have a good job, I have two degrees and a beautiful home. I did not deserve this and the 2 younger children live in filth and poverty because the woman was after a paycheck. You have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. How would you like to lose your grandchildren? Or better yet how would you like to lose your family and go to a strangers home 2 days before Christmas?

      • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

        Jeanne … PLEASE… Find me on face book so we can communicate on on one without having to discuss this issue in public. I have, at this point, NOT lost any blood relatives. I HAVE LOST step grands. I am a strong advocate of CHILDREN’S RIGHTS, which is something lacking in our society. The system needs a major overhaul, but in my opinion this is an old machine that really needs to be junked and a whole new one created to replace it. In fact Jeanne, my own son at age 12 was taken from me by a fast talking social worker who made me believe that the papers she wanted me to sign were merely a consent form for my son to be evaluated… TRUTH was that the forms I signed GAVE the state custody of my child. So… I do understand the other side of this. My son wasn’t adopted out, but I still lost him for many years as the social workers made him believe he was not wanted. I had three other children, one older and tw younger and had no problems with them. This all took place because my child would not go to school. My son is now 48 years old and we are close, but I lost years of relationship with him because of a social worker who THOUGHT she KNEW best… a young woman who wasn’t married and had no children…. She KNEW it ALL. Please find me and lets talk. It is going to take real people with life experiences in these issues to provide a VOICE for our children.

  • Jullie Danbom

    . They don’t see how CPS made these children Wards of the State of Iowa. They haven’t seen the tactics they use. They don’t know that CPS does not follow the federal laws. They haven’t seen how caseworkers lie and manipulate the system or how judges don’t have backbone enough to make a stand when they know what CPS is doing is wrong. Where lawyers go unheard when they prove the system is corrupt. Unless they see it for themselves I don’t think they will ever understand what it is like to lose a family member to a corrupt government system. My Granddaughter will grow up not knowing that she had a whole family of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents and parents who loved her. People she shared a bond with from right of birth. People that loved her unconditionally. Iowa stole her from her family under the guise of “In the Best interest of the child.” They gave her to strangers who were after having her for a year, not even sure they wanted her until the subsidy was agreed upon. How can this happen in America that our children have become a commodity to pad state budgets. That a group of people can take what we value most our Children and then tell us that that a new family is a better fit than Kin.

  • Cyd Koehn

    Cyd Koehn

    This is big business here in Iowa. Children are being sacrificed. Corrupt social workers, GALs, lawyers, therapist, counselors, and judges make lots of money from the Federal Government to write false reports. This is HORRIFIC!! Babies need to be with their families not the abusers. AND THIS IS NOT IN THE BEST INTERST OF THE CHILD!

  • Nancy Augustine

    While the concept of adoption of children in need of a safe and loving home is indeed a noble one, what the public is not aware of is how our federal government has offered the states adoption “incentive bonuses” to find adoptive homes for children who have become “property” of the state.

    Unfortunately, many of these children have not become property of the state because their parents have voluntarily given up their parental rights or because the parents have been criminally charged with child or sexual abuse, but because of “neglect”, which could have been remedied if the parents had received needed services to keep the family unified.

    Instead Child Protective Services will remove a child from a home often times based on false allegations that have been anonymously reported to a child abuse hotline. Because the states receive federal funding targeted at low income parents to place children in foster care where they are six times more likely to suffer abuse and die and subsequently put up for adoption, a “puppy mill” atmosphere in the child welfare field is flourishing.

    Adding to the injury is the fact that biological extended families of the adoptable children are being denied the right to adopt their very own family members in ever mounting numbers. There is something very wrong with a system that denies a child the right to familial association, a 14th amendment civil right, because the state wants to collect the federal funding.

    All adoptive parents should be made aware that the children they have adopted could have been “legally kidnapped” by the state.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Most people not affected by the DHS do not realize that Iowa is number one in the nation in child removals. Not California, New York, or Texas. Iowa. How do I know this? I lost my granddaughter, Fiona, to the DHS. There has never been documented proof that my daughter was doing drugs or that her children were born with drugs in their system.

    My wife and I tried to adopt Fiona and her half-sister, but the DHS, in their infinite wisdom, placed both girls with their biological fathers, both of whom have extensive criminal and drug histories. Fiona and her biological father have been missing for nine years.

    Fiona was ripped away from a safe, loving family to be placed with a violent, two-time convicted felon. I have tried to talk to the current governor, and the past two governors, only to have the door repeatedly slammed in my face.

    The reason they don’t want to talk to me is because child removals and adoptions result in a flow of big federal money to the State. The result is that the DHS and the Polk County Court System are involved in child trafficking for profit.

    It will not stop until the people of Iowa demands that the legislature writes and enforces laws to make it stop. Until then, if you are thinking about adopting, stop and think: Where did this child come from and why?

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