MASHED POTATOES: Tips And Tricks For A Tasty Thanksgiving

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Senior Food Editor of Better Homes and Gardens Maggie Glisan stopped by to share some of her favorite ways to make potatoes around Thanksgiving.

The classic mashed potatoes made the list, with lots of butter and cream but also with sour cream.  She also showed a new twist on the classic, by adding parsley, lemon peel, capers for a briny zing and olive oil.

Another way to spice up mashed potatoes is by adding sour cream, butter, garlic, green onion and a handful of baked corn flakes made with paprika for a smoked flavor.  Pop into the oven until crispy for the crunchy potatoes.

For all those with a sweet tooth there are always the sweet potatoes.  Try the sweet potatoes with butter and half & half and top them with apples that are sautéed in butter.  Sprinkle white cheddar and fried sage leaf on top for the cheesy, sweet potatoes.

More recipes and ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner is available on the website here.