PLAYER APPEAL: Bubu Palo Wants To Come Back

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Ex-Iowa state basketball player Bubu Palo is planning to appeal to the board of regents next month.

Palo told the Ames Tribune that he plans to make his case to the board on Dec. 4.

Palo was suspended from the basketball team indefinitely last season when he was charged with second-degree sexual assault.  Prosecutors dropped the charges in January when new evidence surfaced and the university agreed to let Palo back on the team.

Iowa State overturned that decision in August, ending Palo’s career as a Cyclone.

Palo is now appealing the university’s decision so he can get back on the basketball team.



  • Get Real

    Why should he not be allowed to? Why was the decision to let him back on overturned if all charges were dropped against him?

  • Reality check

    Questions…Has Mr.Palo ever been asked if he was impaired by the use of marijuana and alcohol before and during the alleged rape? Did the alleged sexual assault victim’s medical record indicate both emotional and physical trauma consistent with sexual assault? If Mr. Palo had been allegedly impaired that evening, could he remember exactly what happened? Is there other evidence? Did the blouse have anything to do with the alleged rape? Finally…Was it the blouse that was allegedly raped or the young woman who was trying to get a ride home????? Simple questions…

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