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WEIGHTY MATTER: Grassley Sees Christie’s Size as Asset

Posted on: 10:43 pm, November 23, 2013, by , updated on: 04:10pm, November 24, 2013

Christie raps potential 2016 rivals at RNC summer meeting

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said it is too early for him to have a take on the 2016 presidential race. But he did have something to say about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has battled weight problems.

“Just look at his physique…when Washington’s ready to blow up, wouldn’t it be kind of nice to have a guy like him on the pot?” Grassley said.

Watch his comments here.

Grassley did offer some advice if Christie wants to run for president. He said, “I would advise him not to forget Iowa. He better come here. For two reasons: One, it’s a pretty good place to test a lot of things on a face-to-face basis. It seems to me he would be good having a town meeting in Guthrie Center, Iowa, as an example. And the other thing is, let’s suppose he is the nominee. He’s going to have to carry a purple state like Iowa. So saying Iowans aren’t important in the primary and then, ‘boy, you’re important in a general election’…it just doesn’t make sense to Iowans.”

Grassley made his comments on Channel 13′s “The Insiders” seen Sundays at 9:30a.m.


  • Jeez, Senator Chuck! Grassley’s personally carrying on the stereotype of Iowa being a backwards, intellectual wasteland. It isn’t true, but he sure isn’t helping to correct it.

  • Other than his Christie’s Weight issue’s.
    Chris Christie seems to have the DRIVE & AMBITION than the rest of the candidates!!!

  • chuck moon says:

    The question should have been, Why are you taking money out of the Farm Subsidy, and why do have a second income from it. We have poor people here in Ia. and all he cares about is how someone else looks. Grassley is not right for Ia. You would be shocked at how much Grassley, Harkin and King has excepted from the Farm Bill, while Iowans are losing their Food Stamps.They say they care, but what have they done?

  • I do agree with Mr. Grassley.
    Christie should not by-pass Iowa. He needs to be here!

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Channel 13 News: Everywhere you are!

Every newscast streamed LIVE!