E – CIGARETTES: The Controversy Continues

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, the government wants more rules while smokers want another option.

Earlier this month, Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller called for state lawmakers to impose new restrictions on the liquid nicotine product, e – cigarettes.

“The most important thing the state legislature needs to do is to prohibit the sale of these cigarettes to minors,” he said.

Miller said the flavored liquid used for the product is appealing to kids. Vapors, people who use e – cigarettes, agree with Miller. Personal vaporizers are not toys.

“Legislatively there is no responsible person out there who believes that these products should be available to minors. Nobody,” say Julie Woessner, who is on the board of directors for the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association.

Stores like, Central Iowa Electronic Cigarettes, in Des Moines only sell to adults, 18 and older. According to the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association, the e – cigarette industry is gaining speed.

Its target audience is adult smokers who can’t kick the habit. The industry already brings in two billion dollars every year. That amount is expected to double by this time next year. Vendors like Mike Morgan say it’s a healthier alternative to feed a habit.

“It`s a nicotine alternative. It’s another way to get nicotine in a way that is a whole lot safer,” he said.

Miller is also asking lawmakers to add e – cigarettes to the Iowa Smoke Free Air Act.
That would prohibit their use indoors.



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