THANKSGIVING FEAST: Vets Get An Early Holiday

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Volunteers took 72 hospitalized veterans out for a Thanksgiving feast. The dinner included many of the vets’ favorite fixings. But organizers say it’s also an opportunity to take these service men and women out of the hospital, and show them a good time.

Veteran Robert Piggee’s been singing for a long time. He says singing is good for the heart. Piggee says, “When I have troubles I sing a song and my troubles go to a distance from me.”

But today isn’t about troubles, just good music, food and fun.

Inside the AMVETS Post 2 building, volunteers are serving all the Thanksgiving goodies.  AMVETS First Vice Commander Mary Van Horn says, “We have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and dressing, potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.”

And like any other traditional Thanksgiving, it’s all you can eat.

Some are thankful for the food. Volunteers are thankful for their vets. Van Horn says, “They fought for our country and it’s so important that we recognize their sacrifices of what they’ve given to us.”

And Piggee says he’s thankful he had something worthwhile to fight for. “I love it. This is my home. And if it takes fighting to keep it the way it is that’s what I’ll do.”

All the food served was donated by community members. This is the 73rd Thanksgiving meal this post has hosted.


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