ALCOHOL INTAKE: Wine & Liquor Sales Up $21m

liquor sales

Spirit sales have hit an all-time high in Iowa, wine and liquor account for the increase, while beer sales are dropping.

Store manager of Ingersoll Wine & Spirits Nevres Sehic says, “I think there`s a lot more choices and I think people are, especially young people are getting into the spirits and fine wines these days.”

The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division says last year spirit sales increased $21 million. Representatives say this is due in part to the state recently allowing convenience stores to sell liquor, and the increasing number of options available. Flavored vodka is a prime example. Sales increased nearly 25 percent this year.

The decrease in beer buying is part of a national trend, but Iowans still get their fill. Last year, Iowans drank an average of nearly 37 gallons of beer.