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ALCOHOL INTAKE: Wine & Liquor Sales Up $21m

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Spirit sales have hit an all-time high in Iowa, wine and liquor account for the increase, while beer sales are dropping.

Store manager of Ingersoll Wine & Spirits Nevres Sehic says, “I think there`s a lot more choices and I think people are, especially young people are getting into the spirits and fine wines these days.”

The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division says last year spirit sales increased $21 million. Representatives say this is due in part to the state recently allowing convenience stores to sell liquor, and the increasing number of options available. Flavored vodka is a prime example. Sales increased nearly 25 percent this year.

The decrease in beer buying is part of a national trend, but Iowans still get their fill. Last year, Iowans drank an average of nearly 37 gallons of beer.


  • Troy Hendrickson

    And this is good news why? By the states own statistics, alcohol is the most costly, dangerous drug in Iowa. What revenue the state generates from it’s sale doesn’t even cover the true cost to the tax payers. It simply makes the state the largest drug dealer.

    Funny thing, you can’t even find any real information about the true dangers and cost of alcohol on the ODCPs website. maybe because the people they serve have a vested interested in their drug sales and wish to avoid the ugly truth?

  • Heisenberg

    Wow..amazing stats! Well I think that this decrease in the purchase or consumption of beer has increased the purchase of wine. Moreover the cost of wine has become very high according to the latest stats.

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