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HITMAN TRIAL: Huser’s Ex-Wife Testifies

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The re-trial of the man accused of hiring a hitman to kill his ex-wife’s lover is underway.

In October of 2010 Vernon Huser was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life in prison. But the Iowa Court of Appeals granted him a new trial.

The state began calling witnesses on Friday afternoon. On Monday, they continued by calling Vernon Huser's ex-wife to the stand who talked about her affair with the victim, Lance Morningstar, and how upset Huser got when he found out.

"One that I particularly remember is he said ‘I’m going to kill that son of a bitch, he will turn up missing one day and no one will ever find his body,’" Debra Albizo testified.

Albizo said the threats continued even after Huser and her divorced.

But Huser's defense maintains Huser was never upset about the affair and had moved on.

They also say Huser never knew or was connected to Louis Woolheater, the man who was convicted of killing Morningstar.

Albizo was also questioned by the defense in which they continually questioned her accuracy on several facts including what date she told detectives her relationship started with Morningstar.

Albizio admitted to telling detectives her relationship with Morningstar began in July, October and November, 2003.

Huser’s ex-wife was the only person to take the stand Monday as proceedings were continually setback.

On at least 6 occasions, the jury had to be removed from the courtroom so lawyers and the judge could clarify several issues  including not allowing any statements to be made that would reference Huser's first trial.

At one time Huser's lawyer asked the judge to rule on a mistrial but that was denied.

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