QUIET STREET: Neighbors Loud In Their Opposition

Some residents on Des Moines’ south side are making a lot of noise about the city’s plan for a quiet street.

The city plans to create what it calls a “Quiet street” by putting a bicycle path along the road from Gray’s Lake, south along Casady Drive and Southwest 14th street, all the way down to the Blank Park Zoo.

City leaders say this would connect the two attractions and make them more bike friendly, while slowing traffic. “There’s just a lack of facilities in the southwest part of the city for bicycles,” says Jennifer Bohac with the City of Des Moines. “If you look at the map there’s just a big gap.”

But neighbors like Jerry Jones say it’s nothing but a waste of money. “It’s a waste of my tax dollars,” Jones says. “And that’s a bunch of crap.”

The city hopes to have the $270-thousand project done by fall of next year.


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