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QUIET STREET: Neighbors Loud In Their Opposition

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Some residents on Des Moines’ south side are making a lot of noise about the city’s plan for a quiet street.

The city plans to create what it calls a "Quiet street" by putting a bicycle path along the road from Gray's Lake, south along Casady Drive and Southwest 14th street, all the way down to the Blank Park Zoo.

City leaders say this would connect the two attractions and make them more bike friendly, while slowing traffic. "There's just a lack of facilities in the southwest part of the city for bicycles," says Jennifer Bohac with the City of Des Moines. "If you look at the map there's just a big gap."

But neighbors like Jerry Jones say it’s nothing but a waste of money. "It's a waste of my tax dollars," Jones says. "And that's a bunch of crap.”

The city hopes to have the $270-thousand project done by fall of next year.


  • Julie

    How many more bike trails are we gonna build? Cyclists don’t use the ones we have. We build bike lanes through downtown and instead they ride on the street , one street from the one with the lane. It’s a waste of money. I have never seen a cyclist on Hubbell but dang if there isn’t a bike lane there. It’s ridiculous. There’s a trail down by waterworks but still they ride through the park, not on their trail. Waste of money

    • Steve

      You are correct, there are no bicyclists on Hubbell because there is no bicycle lane! The extra space is just empty space.

      Hubble is so much safer now that there is a center turn lane. I’ve almost been rear-ended several times on the portion of Hubbell without the center turn lane by semi trucks!

  • Kathi Lott

    it is a total waste of tax payers money. there is nothing on that route for riders to even stop at along the way. you take a 4 lane rd that is well needed like ingersoll and hubbell and make them 2 lanes for bikes that dont even use it. and when they do they dont stay in that lane espicially if in a group they take up the whole road. i think before anymore bike routes are built there needs to be a vote on it. bet the tax payers wont vote for it. the city parks is dept is the lowest on the totem pole and yet the city parks and recs dept waste the money on this then they pay people if they can not get volunteers to sit on these bike trails and mark down every bike that goes down it. ive done this before and i think the 2 hrs i sat there i had maybe 4 bikes come down my path. i was paid to do it not a volunteer. so there was even a bigger waste of the cities money. the city does not know how to manage there money at all. they need to put priority first and bike trails are not priority. des moines is trying to keep up with other cities that are bigger and have the money to do these projects. hey des moines were broke and we dont have the money for useless trails. get a clue dsm.

  • Kathi Lott

    boohoo i work for the city and this dept. they city is trying to keep up with the bigger cities. there dont need to be anymore trails put in. it is a waste of tax payers money. we r not kc or any other big city. just like all the flowers on fleur drive waste of money you cant even see to turn a corner cause of all the flower and it floods there every year yet they spend money after every flood every spring and fall to replant and redo fleur drive. who the hell cares if there are flowers going down the road that get washed out every other day. the city plane and simple spends money they dont have on stupid chit. the money on bike traiis could be better spent elsewhere in the community. our city has its head up its arse plane and simple. over half the bike routes dont get used and take lanes out of streets for a bike to ride on it that dont stay in that lane rides in our lane. do away with all bike routes on streets period! leave the roads alone.

  • at least i can spell

    kathi, you really work for the city? i’m appalled that tax payer dollars are being wasted on an illiterate employee with a personal agenda rather than the public’s interest at heart.

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