POLICE INVESTIGATE: Pop Bottle Bomb Found In Tunnel

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West Des Moines police and fire crews are investigating an apparent pop bottle bomb found in a tunnel on the Jordan Creek Trail.

Lt. Jim Barrett with the West Des Moines Police Department says a Parks and Rec worker discovered the device Monday in a tunnel running under E.P. True Parkway. The device had already been detonated.

The worker took the remains of the device back to parks and rec facilities and the police were called in Tuesday morning to investigate. Officials are not sure when the device detonated.

The tunnel is near Brookview Elementary School, which is part of the Waukee School District. Parents of students at the school were notified of the incident after 9:00 a.m. Tuesday.

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  • Heath Israel

    Soo, is this anything like the ‘bomb’ found in the restroom LAX? If so then its a plastic bottle and dry ice…some people call those bombs…others call them pranks. Here’s the deal…a ‘bomb’ is something that explodes and is meant to hurt people. A plastic bottle that pops when air is rapidly released is NOT a bomb. This really is irresponsible reporting. Its not even reporting, its just saying “hey something happened and we don’t even know enough about the subject to ask questions so that we can say what happened.”

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