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HUSER TRIAL: More Witness Testimony

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The murder trial of an Ankeny man went into its third day Tuesday in Polk County Court.

Vernon Huser is accused of hiring a hitman to kill his ex-wife’s boyfriend, Lance Morningstar.

The state began Tuesday by calling more witnesses to the stand. The first witness was a former employee from Ankeny Sanitation, the company the Husers owned.

Stephanie Duncan spoke about threats she heard Vernon Huser say about wanting to kill the man Huser’s wife had an affair with.

"He said he was going to kill that one eyed motherf----- pardon my French but that's what he said, he said that he was going to hide the body and that nobody would ever find him, it was said numerous times in numerous different ways," Duncan said.

But the defense questioned the witness about what she exactly heard and she couldn’t give exact dates on what conversations she heard. She also testified that she never heard Huser actually say Morningstar’s name just that he was going to kill him.

When pressed by the defense, Duncan replied, “I don’t remember.”

The prosecution also called a member of the state crime lab. Michael Halverson helped process Louis Woolheater’s home and a storage unit.

Inside his home, ammunition, a map of Morningstar’s house and an Ankeny sanitation business card with the words “call me” were found in a box. A note was found inside the storage unit.

The defense also questioned Halverson but didn’t have enough time to finish.

The judge decided that the trial will resume on Monday.

This is the second time Huser has been on trial. He was convicted of first degree murder in 2010, but in 2011 the Iowa Court of Appeals granted Huser a new trial because hearsay evidence was allowed in the first trial.