MORNING BUZZ: Quiet, Bowling for Dollars and Regrets

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Good Morning!
Some talkers…including a few that didn’t get into the news.

Neighbors on the South Side say they don’t like the idea of spending $275,000 to create a “quiet” street and creat a connection from Gray’s Lake to the Zoo. Neighbors call it a waste and say if you want to slow traffic on Southwest 14th…put a patrol car out. Of course it’s not that simple. I’m sure the people who were at the meeting heard from the city last night that this kind of development can create economic opportunities. Having a bike path into downtown (which this would creat) makes that a more desirable place for a first time homeowner. Those kinds of amenities can create demand to live in the neighborhoods along this route, and in turn more value to the existing homeowners. Those bike friendly people, it turns out, also spend money. South Side businesses should be happy to hear that. Biking for recreation pumps hundreds of millions of dollars into Iowa’s economy every year. That translates to tax dollars back to the city. On top of that, more ways for people to use their bikes instead of driving is a good thing. The increased health benefits, even for a few people translates to lower healthcare costs.
In my view this is a good investment. I live over on the west side and I now have a viable way to for my family to bike down to the Zoo. That would be a good weekend activity for A Lot of reasons.

Bowling for Dollars
Iowa State is “bowling” in the South endzone of Jack Trice. Good idea. I saw at least one snide comment from a Hawkeye fan about the extra seats… Just a reminder teams that haven’t sold out ONE game this year should not throw around jabs about ticket sales. Both teams have had a couple down years. Lets hope both start turning it around and go the right direction.

Back to Basics
Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack talked to USA Today about the failure to come to agreement on the Farm Bill. Vilsack has a knack for putting complicated issues into terms people can understand. The football analogy was well articulated. Vilsack talks about the Caucuses as well and how he thinks Former Sec of State Clinton, and Gov Chris Christie would do in the Caucuses. Vilsack was a Clinton supporter so no surprise he thinks she would do well. Interesting to think about Vilsack as a VP candiate for any democrat…including Clinton.

In other news… Regrets
A study from University of Texas and UCLA concludes, “Men and women regret sex for different reasons.” In other news…the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Seriously, the conclusions were interesting in that, men’s regret centers around not having taken advantage of having many partners. The study concludes this is a base, evolutionary drive. For women, the risk behind multiple partners leads to the regret.

Emotions out for a spin
Jeriann, Brooke and I are all having common experiences with our kids right now. Jeriann was lamenting the fact that Luke is super emotional about small disappointments. Brooke says Evan has done the same and Our Will is particularly good at building u a dramatic cry. He is also good at making it heartbreaking…but it’s totally unreasonable. I keep telling myself this is a four-year-old taking new-found expressions of emotion out for a spin. We try not to squelch him, but For the love of Pete, think I know where, “crying over spilled milk” comes from.

I hope you all have a great day.