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ROBBERY ARREST: Victim ‘Scared To Death’

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Des Moines police have arrested the man they believe is responsible for robbing five convenience stores in just over a week.

Denzell Bullock of Des Moines is charged with five counts of first degree robbery.

Police say tips and their own investigative work led them to the 22-year-old after he robbed two stores this past weekend, including the Sohata Food and Liquor Store on Southeast 14-th Street.

Investigators say Bullock held a gun to customer Jack Eaton’s head, while ordering the clerk to empty the till.

"He was here like this," Clerk Razag Juma says, gesturing toward the counter. "As soon as I get up over there he was like you don't give the money, you know, he kept shaking his gun here, you don't give me the money I'm gonna shoot him."

Clark says he was certain he would be shot. "He pointed the gun at me two times," Eaton says. "I was scared to death."

Bullock has a long arrest record that includes assault, harassment and weapons charges.

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