HOLIDAY TRAVEL: Busiest Day Of The Year

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Whether you’re driving or flying, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year.

Mid-week is generally not a bad time to be traveling but the holidays see drivers flocking to the roads.

It’s expected that 43 million people will be traveling this holiday across the country. The vast majority will travel by car.

The Iowa State patrol says Wednesday evening and Sunday will be the busiest days to travel. And they advise to do most of your driving during the daylight hours.

Wednesday is also a busy day to fly. Airports suggest flying on Thanksgiving day. But regardless of when, people say they are thankful to spend time with family.

“Totally worth it, I miss my family and I wouldn`t give up holiday travel for the world,” departing Emily Ledger said.

Last thanksgiving there were nine highway fatalities. Six of those were in part by people not wearing seatbelts.

This year the State Patrol will have extra enforcement to keep those numbers low.