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HOLIDAY MEAL: Hope Ministries Feeds Thousands

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Hope ministries is a non-profit group that feeds meals to the hungry every day of the year. This thanksgiving, the demand was higher. Both those giving and receiving say they're grateful to spend their holiday together.

Hope Ministries chief of development, David Burrier, says, “Hope begins with a meal.”

200 volunteers prepared more than 2,000 thanksgiving dinners for Des Moines homeless. Due to the economic downfall, the ministry is serving 15 percent more people than last year.

“It`s a very humbling experience. It makes me realize how fortunate I am,” says volunteer Jane Sehman.

Burrier hopes those who came for the meal also leave with something a little more.

“We’re a Christ centered ministry and we do more than feed people, so we hope that we're lifting their spirits a little bit.”