BEZA THREADS: A Scarf To Help Fight Slavery

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Those involved with a local charity hope you use some of your holiday shopping money to buy a gift in Iowa that saves lives in Africa.

Last year, Channel 13’s viewers made Beza Threads the season’s hot item and this year, the scarves are back.

The Beza Threads scarves are hand-woven by African women who were rescued out of sex slavery.  The proceeds now also help rescue boys out of sweat shops in Ethiopia.

Last year, Channel 13 viewers bought enough scarves to rescue 15 women.  The women receive food, clothing and job training.

The rescue mission is the vision of a Des Moines couple and a group of volunteers.

“What we did last year, over half of it was because of this one TV station that took heart in what we were doing and all of these viewers that reached out  one at a time to buy a scarf,” said Josiah Carter.

Carter and his wife Megan turned their basement into a distribution center.  Their goal for 2013 was to raise $80,000 through the sale of the scarves.

The Carters were in Ethiopia last April and saw first-hand the new lives that the former slaves were now living.

“Then we also had the opportunity to be in a sweat shop, to walk through the prostitution district, to get to actually have a conversation with somebody that’s currently a slave and that changes your life,” Carter said.

“It changes once again how much we want to accomplish,” he said.

Some of the photos the Carters brought back from their trip show how grateful these people are for the scarves purchased.  The scarves are $30 each and all the proceeds from the sale go to the charity.

More information about the scarves and Beza Threads is available here.