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DINING OUT: More People Eating At Restaurants On Thanksgiving

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More people every year are skipping the cooking and hosting of Thanksgiving dinner and leaving it to restaurants instead.

Several restaurants in eastern Iowa have been preparing for Thanksgiving meals days in advance.

Davenport restaurant Thunder Bay Grille expected 1,000 people on Thursday and they even have a waiting list.

Over at the Blackhawk Hotel, Bix Bistro was already all booked up.  They said it’s a trend they are seeing with more people wanting to avoid the hassle of cooking a dinner.

“The money you save and in the long run, it pays for it.  You know the price versus what you pay and all the time you put in, it just makes sense,” said Matt Chrisinske, Thunder Bay Grille.

More than 14-million Americans were expected to dine out this year for Thanksgiving.



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