WORKIN’ OUT: Iowans Sweat Off Thanksgiving Dinner

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It's pretty easy to indulge at Thanksgiving feasts. This afternoon many found themselves at the gym trying to work off the calories they'd consumed.

After eating all that food, there are only a few things that could make people feel better about themselves; either burn away all your money Black Friday shopping or burn off the holiday calories.

“I’m working it all off, trying to keep the figure,” jokes Cole Clark.

Remorseful eaters like Clark, are working out at Aspen Athletic Club in Clive today.

“You know how the relatives, keep going c’mon you know you gotta get that pumpkin pie with the whip cream,” says Richard Randle.

Between the pie, turkey and green bean casserole, the calories add up.

The average American consumes 4,500 calories throughout Thanksgiving Day. That’s the equal to eating eight McDonald’s Big Macs or 37 drumsticks from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

However, it’s not uncommon to see a spike in attendance at the gym this time of year. Aspen Athletic Club, assistant fitness manager Bo McBee, says the holiday season attracts binge eaters.

“You get people who are going to eat their big thanksgiving dinner and it’s more of hey I need to come into the gym and work out.”

In this case, it would take six – and – half hours to burn off more than 4,000 calories.