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FREE KRISTINA: Fetters Family Outside Prison

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

When she was just 14-years-old, Kristina Fetters stabbed her great-aunt to death. Fetters is currently 18-years into to her life sentence at the women's prison in Mitchellville.

Fetters was diagnosed with cancer and is now in the prison’s hospice care and family and friends want her to spend her remaining days at home.

On Saturday they gathered outside the prison yard with signs reading “Free Keba,” Fetters' nickname in prison.

“She should be out. She's suffered enough. She's dying now and they need to do the right thing. They need to let her go,” said friend Maxine Lettington.

Fetters will likely die in the prison’s hospice care. Her supporters hope to bring 2,000 signatures to the Iowa Parole Board next week in hopes of persuading the board to release Fetters from prison so she can spend her last days outside of prison walls.

“I hope they show some compassion and let her go,” Lettington said.

It’s not certain if that day of freedom will ever be granted, so prison staff wheeled Fetters into the prison yard so she could see all of those who support her.

The board is scheduled to meet on December 5th.


  • kariberry03

    Im sorry as I do feel bad she’s dying how many other prisoners are in the same boat and are dying in prison and have died of the same illness… Did they get to spend their dying breath… My mom worked at Mitchellville and she remembers her and her case what they didn’t disclose about the murder would shock ppl… Why show a women mercy when she didn’t show her aunt while stabbing her over 20 times….

  • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

    How about showing her family mercy. She was a child when she acted after having suffered abuse. No one seems to recall that she was shown no mercy at the hands of kidnappers. She is not asking to be released. Her Mother is. Do none of you people have children? Tell me that if your own 14 yo child was kidnapped and abused, then killed someone and sent to prison, YOU would not be asking for the last hours of your child’s life to be with you.

    • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

      WHERE is the compassion? She was a child. A kidnapped, raped, traumatized child ! She should never have been tried as an adult. I can see her venting her rage and while the brutal killing of a family member is horrible an unacceptable, it still says a lot about how badly society and our system failed this woman as a child. Iowans seem to be an exceptionally cruel & unforgiving lot.
      As for WHO will be paying for her care.. what does it matter?
      At least her family will be providing the majority of her care for the little time she has left.

  • Mike Cee

    She was given a life sentence, and the sentence has yet to be completed. While I feel sorry for the family, it was her choices that put her in prison. She should stay where she is until she rides out in a hearse.

  • Jeff Smith

    Fact- Krissy is eligible for parole according to U.S. Supreme Court and Iowa Supreme Court. National average of time served for murder is 10.3 years, She has served 18 years. Many prisoners are released on a Compassionate Release when ill. The Hospice care they talk about her receiving in prison consists of an isolated room with other inmates sitting with her that have no medical training or direct contact with medical staff. She has had stuff stolen from her room and a mouse running up her bed into her hair.The family has not been able to see her with any regularity due to shortage of staff in the prison. She is bedridden as the tumors are crushing her bones. Ultimately the parole board will decide her fate as they are the ones with all the facts of the past and present. Praying for Krissy/Keba.

  • ashley

    Okay so my dad has life in prison he is now 46 an just found out he has cancer. Yes the girl had a tough life so dose every one else.. my dad is not being let out if prison die to cancer so why is it okay for her to get out?? I’m sure there has been plunty of people in lock up tht find out they have cancer an they want to spend there last days with there family but they r not let out.. so why dose she get the chance to be ste free cause she is sick.

    • Jeff Smith

      I don’t know your dad’s case. How much time has been served? Is his terminal? Is he eligible for Parole? Has he touched the lives that he has come into contact with? Has he tried to speak to others to help them from going down the same path? Would he be considered a threat to society today? Does he have support of any of his family for release? Was he a child of 14 when sentenced? If yes consult an attorney immediately. And they do release on what is called a Compassionate Release.

    • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

      Ashley… Jeff Smith has given you good advice.
      Keep in mind this woman is on her deathbed. It isn’t she who is asking to be released. It is her family and friends. If your Father is terminal it would be you and your family who would need to seek release so that you might spend his last days with him. The worst the state can do is refuse your request. Ask someone to look into the possibility of release due to his health.

  • Georgianna

    I understand she was young but some of these comments are uncalled for yes she did the crime and has did 18 yrs behind them walls but the real thing is she wouldn’t be like this if the medical care was better for these inmates she wouldn’t be in the state she is in and I do believe that plays a big part of any inmates health cause they can’t provide the care for anyone but for Keba she has family and friends that care for her and fighting for her to come home for the last days of her life maybe Ashley bout your comment bout your father maybe if you loved him enough and forgive him on his wrong doings you would fight for him to come home like we are for Keba! Love you Keba and I so hope to see you out of there by end of week love ya and stay strong!

    • lisa reihm

      i am a former inmate at mitchellville and i dont think my signature on a petition would mean anything to kebas cause… But.. I had the pleasure of being around her for over 2 years i would fight for her… Obviously her family has worked through alot of turmoil and sadness and love her unconditionally. Keba, you are a wonderful person. Unconditionally.

  • adrieldawn

    Really? If you don’t know the facts keep your opinion to yourself! You don’t know what happened or what she went through. That led to her crime! And to locked in a cage at 14 years old! She was a Child not an adult and was never even given a chance! I cant believe. Some people! Its ignorant judgemental people like y’all that is what is wrong with the world! FREE KEBA!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley mayo

    I was in prison with keba for over 2 years she is a very good role model and always there for other people not selfish at all.. she had the choice to be a bad inmate or positive inmate in with a life sentence most people don’t really care she did she gave other people a reason to do good .. I wish people would stop criticizing her yes she was 14 look at all the dumb stupid stuff that we all did or do when we were 14 years old… when you are 14 years old you do not make the best choices or decisions

  • Heather

    I know that it is hard on the family, and I am not just speaking for this family however I agree…do the crime do the time. I think inmates get more privileges than they should anyway. You’re in prison for a reason. I did hear on the news that her family wants her to be able to “die with dignity” she lost that when she killed her family member. If the parole board lets her out they better be ready for everyone else going through this to be on their doorsteps. Again I agree with one of the other comments about sentenced to life unless you are dying, No that is not what was handed to her at sentencing. I see that a couple people have said that she knows what she did was wrong and that she is sorry now, Most inmates in prison know what they did is wrong but that doesn’t mean they get out!! Her family needs to start praying that God has forgiven her for what she did before she meets her maker, instead of standing outside of the Prison with Free Kristina signs!! And for Ashley Mayo…I might have told someone I hated them at 14 but never thought about killing someone. I wish she would have made a choice about being a “good person” in life because then she wouldn’t have had to deiced to be a “good inmate or a “bad inmate”!

    • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

      I do not know this woman… didn’t live in Iowa at the time this happened, so never even heard of her until recently. I wish someone would tell me about the people who kidnapped, raped and destroyed this child’s life shortly before she killed. I cannot believe the lack of compassion of Iowans. I am very ashamed of my home state and the people who live here. Will Iowa ALWAYS be stuck in the 18th century?
      No, it was NOT acceptable for her to murder, but can’t anyone imagine what she went through. Do NONE of you people have a heart?

      I am sickened by the people of this state, and my roots run five generations deep in Clarke County Iowa.

  • Lori

    Mary, I worked at Orchard Place with Kristina when this happened… Very likable girl. I don’t know what happened to the man that helped ruin her life….. I too would be interested to know what happened to him and if charges were ever filed….. Perhaps someone can answer that. Hopefully he got what he deserved

    • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

      Thanks Lori, Seems ALL of the story is NOT being told here.
      Although I was born and grew up in Iowa, I have lived in other places. I worked in a very large county school district in Florida as a teacher aid. The school I worked in was the LAST STOP in public education for troubled teens. Next stop would have been and Orchard Place type facility. Every day my life was threatened by an ANGRY teen. They were all good kids with horrible home environments. It is very hard for me to understand the hostility I am seeing here on these threads toward a dying woman whose life was taken from her before she went into a violent rage and took the life of her aunt.

  • Andrea Englert

    I too served two years with Keba. I second what all the supporters have said ….especially Jeff Smith. Here’s what I want the public to know: There were other women sentenced to life in there. Two of them I found insanley callous. One was arrogant and selfish and had a false sense of entitlement that frankly blew my mind on a daily basis. If these aformentioned people were in the same situation as Keba…I would show up to intercept and rip up any petitions to release them. I want the public to know Keba is different. I don’t know what possessed her 18 years ago…. But whatever is was just isn’t who she was born as. Please know this woman deserves to be free.

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