MURDER TRIAL: Witness Testifies Of Huser’s Threat

Posted on: 12:04 pm, December 2, 2013, by , updated on: 05:44pm, December 2, 2013

After a five day break for the holidays, the first degree murder re-trial of Vernon Huser resumed Monday.

Huser is accused of hiring a hit-man to kill Lance Morningstar, the man who was having an affair with his then wife.

From Huser’s confidant to a private investigator, all are rehashing what happened the days leading up to Morningstar’s 2004 death.

The key witness Monday was Wes Penney, a towing company owner who rented property from Huser.

Penney stated he could relate to Huser because both were struggling with their marriages.

The state asked Penney to recall personal conversations that Penney says contained threats against Morningstar.

“He was talking about doing all this stuff – hurting Lance, this, that, or the other thing. I told him you can’t do that, you have too much to lose basically,” Penney testified.

The defense questioned the relationship between Huser and the witness claiming their meetings weren’t personal but instead business related.

They also questioned the witness’s memory to recall important facts and whether it was a business dispute that caused the witness to work with law enforcement. The witness wore a wire and attempted to get Huser to confess to the crime.

When asked if after several conversations Huser ever made an incriminating statement, Penney replied, “Not to my knowledge.”

Penney was on the stand for over two hours Monday.

Also testifying was a private investigator, a criminalist with DCI and a woman who was friends with convicted killer Louis Woolheater.

All of these witnesses were called by the state. The defense is yet to call its own witnesses.

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