WAND-ERFUL ACTS: The Magic Of Kindness

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Magic is filled with surprises. It shows you something you didn't know was there. The wands Baxter Elementary School teacher April Kearns is hiding carry the magic of kindness.

Finding a wand is just the beginning. The wands come with a mission. “You`re mission is to discover your magic and do three acts of kindness,” reads Kearns to her kindergarten class.

It may sound simple. But that doesn`t make the lesson any less valuable. Kearns says, “Sometimes we can get caught up in ABCs and 123s, but character teaching is just as important.”

And the most important part is that they learn the magic of kindness. Organizer Anna Travis says the most magical thing about kindness is that it`s contagious. She wants to spread that value beyond the school grounds. Travis says, “When you`re done you need to find a place to leave that wand or to hide it or mail it somebody or pass it on to a friend.”

The idea is to give everyone the chance to experience kindness, both giving and receiving it.

The wand's real magic comes from the kids performing kind acts. They may soon discover they had that magic in themselves all along.