SAVVY BURGLARS: West Side Homes Targeted

Some very savvy burglars are targeting a west side neighborhood.

At least two Des Moines homes have been hit in the past week. In both cases, the owners were out of town, and the burglars stole the victims vehicles to move the stolen goods.

In both cases, the burglars took only high end electronics and jewelry, then trashed the place looking for more valuables.

"The method in how they do the burglaries, the steps they take, the surveillance they do, when we see similarities that suggests the same folks," says Des Moines Police Sergeant Jason Halifax.

The burglars did not leave any fingerprints.

Police suggest buying good locks and, if possible, a burglar alarm if you plan on leaving town this holiday season. They also recommend not discussing your plans on social media until after you return.

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