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GUNMAN SHOT: Suspect In Critical Condition

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A man has been shot after police came under fire Wednesday in the south side of Des Moines.

Officers were called to the neighborhood near Southwest 9th and Creston around 3:15 Wednesday afternoon responding to reports of a man firing on passing cars.

Police blocked off several streets in the neighborhood and two officers fired back. Police are trying to determine if the man was shot by police or if the wound was self-inflicted.

The shooter, identified by neighbors as Steven Vogel, was sent to Methodist Hospital.

Online court records show a man with that same name from Des Moines with a long criminal history.

Channel 13 had a crew on scene when the suspected shooter arrived.


Police haven't officially released his identity but his condition is being listed as critical.

Police say the suspect was armed with two guns, one of which was a military type assault rifle.

At least 20 shots were fired during the exchange with several cars and homes hit. Magazines were found in seemingly strategic positions from where the suspect was shooting from.

“At least two of the magazines were placed not where he was located so I don’t know if he had placed them there or if he was carrying them on his person,” Sgt. Halifax said.

The magazines found hold at least 10-15 rounds each according to Sgt. Halifax.

The shooting was just blocks away from Lincoln High school which was put on lockdown because of the incident. Most students weren’t affected due to early dismissal.

At this point there is no indication of why the suspect opened fire at seemingly random members of the public and police officers.

***STORY UPDATE: Shooter Dead, Police Still Searching For Motive***


  • michael

    He had magazines strategically positioned down ninth? yet the house shot was 1001 bell which is the other side of the school, dude I guarantee he was planning on shooting up the students the shooting started right as they should have been getting out of school, but they had early out, he got pissed and started shooting random cars. Scary, very scary

  • michael

    Also I’m just curious but what military style assault weapon uses 10-15 round clips? Oh yeah there is none. Probably just a ruger 1022 with a arch angel conversion kit.

  • Scott

    $50 says none of his weapo s were legally obtained. Oh, wait, that’s right, he has a long criminal bistory which means they couldn’t have been. But if someone in the vicinity HAD a legally obtained firearm, this could’ve ended a lot sooner with a lot fewer injuries.

  • Chris

    If it were actually “a military type assault rifle” It would have full auto capability and would almost certainly have been obtained illegally. However, since it was probably just some sort of AR15 it could very well have been obtained legally, even with a criminal record.

    • michael

      There is no AR15 that has 10-15 round clips, it was likely a ruger 10/22 with a conversion kit to make it look scarier.

      • Chris

        First off AR15’s do not use clips, but magazines. Second, there are tons of different varieties of magazines with varying capacities. California doesn’t allow “high capacity” magazines, and many precision/long range shooters use a smaller 10 round magazine to allow clearance of a bench or a rest. Here is a link to Magpul’s 10 round pmag.

  • Amanda

    We live directly behind the shooters house. My house was shot, my video was the one posted. I’m no gun expert so I can’t tell ya what kind it was but I know what I heard. Our house is maybe 30 feet from where he was shot & did most his shooting. I bet I heard his gun go off at least 80-100 times (maybe more) in random burst. So he would shoot like every minute & empty a round which I would say was close to 10 shots per round. Mine & the neighbor both said is shook our homes. My othe neighbor who is a block away but still on Loomis said he was outside to see what the noise was & heard a bullet go past him & he thinks into his home or near by tree. So whatever make of gun it was it can travel at least the length of a block. You can hear a difference in the shots on my video. My two cents, for whatever that’s worth!

  • mike

    Why do the news media want to report on which policeman shot the man. The POLICE DEPT. SHOT THE MAN PERIOD!! That’s all we need to know that they were doing their job.

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