FBI INVESTIGATION: Sorenson’s Home Searched


The lawyer for disgraced former state senator Ken Sorenson says the FBI searched the Sorenson home in late November.

Attorney Theodore Sporer confirms the search took place at the Sorensons’ Warren County residence. The U.S. Department of Justice is now handling the case.

“Anytime the federal government comes to your house with a search warrant you have to be concerned they’re looking for something that could be exculpatory in nature, on the other hand we’re not aware of any kind of criminal wrong doing or any wrong doing really of any kind the Mr. Sorenson was involved in and certainly nothing that would violate any federal laws,” attorney Theodore Sporer said.

Sorenson resigned his Iowa Senate seat on October 2nd after an investigation by an independent counsel for the Senate Ethics Committee found “probable cause” that he had violated Senate rules.

The investigation focused on a complaint made alleging Sorenson had accepted payment from the presidential campaigns of Republican candidates Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul.

Michele Bachmann was one of Sorenson’s accusers, saying “I had a conversation with Kent Sorenson and in the direct conversation he told me he was offered money – a lot of money – by the Ron Paul campaign.”

Sorenson switched from working for the Bachmann campaign to supporting Ron Paul shortly before the Iowa Caucuses in 2012.

Sporer says Sorenson is cooperating with the investigation and has nothing to hide.


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