RIVERVIEW PARK: Redevelopment Ideas Wanted

Des Moines’ Riverview Park could be in line for an encore.

The memories of the one-time amusement park are getting fuzzy, “It brought me back to a good time when I was younger,” says Joe McChurch. “I don’t remember exactly where the regular Ferris wheel was but it was it was probably over here.”

The attractions were moved out and the park was closed in 1978. It has been an empty space ever since.

The Des Moines parks department wants to put the area back to use and they want your ideas on how to do it.

“You know we don`t know what the citizens want it to be, if they want to make it into a trail, if they want to make it into a nature preserve,” Jen Fletcher says.

The parks department is yet to set a budget for the project or a timeline on when construction could begin.


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