RIVERVIEW PARK: Redevelopment Ideas Wanted

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Des Moines' Riverview Park could be in line for an encore.

The memories of the one-time amusement park are getting fuzzy, “It brought me back to a good time when I was younger,” says Joe McChurch. “I don’t remember exactly where the regular Ferris wheel was but it was it was probably over here."

The attractions were moved out and the park was closed in 1978. It has been an empty space ever since.

The Des Moines parks department wants to put the area back to use and they want your ideas on how to do it.

“You know we don`t know what the citizens want it to be, if they want to make it into a trail, if they want to make it into a nature preserve,” Jen Fletcher says.

The parks department is yet to set a budget for the project or a timeline on when construction could begin.


  • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

    After more than 50 years my recall of the park is also fuzzy, but what I do recall was that once a year my Aunt & Uncle would pack up their three kids, my sister and I and head off to Riverview. My Uncle had a pop machine in our county courthouse where a bottle of pop cost a dime, so he was always loaded with dimes. Each time we went to Riverview each of us girls were given a roll of dimes. My aunt packed a picnic lunch so there was no need to buy food. We would spend the whole day there and come home with a few dimes left over. This would have been in the mid 50’s. I recall the carousel, the penny arcade, and of course the Wild Mouse. There is nothing like a carousel to make memories so of course I see Riverview being made back into a family picnic park with a beautiful Carousel. Swings, slides and tunnels for the kids to play in. Bring back the simplicity of quality family time in a place that holds memories for grand parents… a place where new memories can be established.

  • Joseph Toubes

    turn it back into an amusement park. The City Council killed it off, bring it back. Perhaps it could be a skateboard park for the kids who do that thing as well. Some place for kids to go and hang out and have fun

  • Kathi Lott

    you cant even walk through the parks because they dont get mowed or taken care of. lets give back the city jobs to our mowers and stuff and get rid of the contracters and do the job ourselves instead of firing the city employees and binging in contracters that dont know how to mow. its a no brainer people. why add another park we cant take care of,

  • Kathi Lott

    the city has skate park for kids and ice rink for kids there is plenty for kids to do. a park is not wht we need. lets give raises to the park associates. all the parks dept is trying to do is get us in a lil deeper and ad a park that wont ever get takin care of. look at the 2 new dog park o im sorry 3 new dog parks that are so over grown with weeds people dont use them. or the bike lanes that dont get used. or look at all the parks that go with out any maintance at all. lets fix up with we have first. at grandview park u have 2 huge crators on each side of the cabin. am told its a design flaw cant do nothing abt it. seriously 2 huge trench holes and you cant stick dirt in it. please. or how abt it taking over a motnh to a get a window fixed at one the parks city didnt have the money. or how about putting in light bulbs around the park shelters to make them a lil safer at night so when the attendant goes to shut down the cabin there in dark clear out in the middle of the park. lets improve what we have instead of making more we cant take care of. dsm we are not in no a big city we are a small city struggling and broke. if the city has the money to do a new park then its got money to fix wht we have and give the park associates raises and feed or homeless or put up housing for homeless or new shleter. do something constructive not damaging.

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