SHOOTING SPREE: Driver Shot In The Head

Amazingly no one other than the suspect was seriously injured during a 20 minute shooting spree in Des Moines Wednesday.

But one passing motorist was hit by a bullet.

Larry Chiles had just dropped his granddaughter off at Lincoln High School when he heard the gunfire. He turned the corner onto Creston Avenue and found himself in the midst of it.

“All of a sudden I looked over the right, saw a guy kneel down and point a gun at me, started shooting at me and I felt that he`d hit the top of my head there,” Chiles recounts. “I thought he`d shot more so I got down to 9th Street and headed for help.”

Chiles’ car was hit at least three times. He was hit once in the head.

He says it felt like the blood was coming out of the wound with every heartbeat but he knew he could drive so he drove himself to a south side clinic.

He says it took him a while because he had to slow down for police, racing to the scene of the shooting.

Chiles is currently in Methodist Hospital.

Doctors say the bullet grazed the back of his head - he didn't even need stitches and should be out of the hospital Thursday.

“But today was a blessing.  Like I said, someone was looking out for me today,” Chiles says. “I really feel good considering everything.”

Chiles says he's so thankful his granddaughter wasn't in the car with him when it got hit. He says she probably would have been shot, because one of the bullets went right through the passenger side door.

Chiles’ family is by his side tonight.

His four children are counting their blessings too.

"I love him to death, he means the world to me," son Brad says.

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