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SHOOTER DEAD: Police Still Searching For Motive

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Des Moines police say a man who fired around 100 shots at homes, passing cars, and police during a 20 minute shooting spree Wednesday has died.

Thirty-eight-year-old Steven Vogel died Wednesday night at Methodist Medical Center. He had been transported there after officers found him suffering from a gunshot wound.

Des Moines police held a news conference Thursday morning to release more information about the incident.

Police received a call about shots in the 1100 block of Creston just before 3:30 p.m. Wednesday. A caller told police a man was firing houses and moving cars.

When officers arrived at 1018 Creston, Steven Vogel’s home, Vogel began firing on three groups of officers that were approaching the home. Two officers returned fire and they found Vogel behind his home suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. Police say Vogel was hit by a bullet from one of the officers’ weapons.

Two weapons were found near Vogel, a .308 caliber high-powered rifle and a handgun.

car shotPolice say so far they have found seven homes and three vehicles that were shot by Vogel during the incident. Crime scene investigators remain on the scene Thursday to process evidence.

Only one other injury was reported in connection with the shooting. Larry Chiles was driving his car when Vogel shot at it. Chiles received a graze wound to the head and was able to drive himself to a nearby clinic. He was transferred to Methodist Medical Center but his injuries are minor.

Police say they don’t have a motive for the shooting at this point in the investigation, but had previous contact with Vogel for four other arrests. He had been arrested for domestic assault, assault with a dangerous weapon, 2nd degree criminal mischief, and 3rd degree harassment. Because of the assault with a dangerous weapon charge, he had surrendered a pellet gun to police.

Police Chief Judy Bradshaw praised the response to the situation saying, “Officers that responded did an extraordinary job.” She also said the situation, “had the potential to be a horrific scene.”

The officers who fired at Vogel have been placed on paid administrative leave as is policy when an officer is involved in a shooting. Lt. David Seybert has been with the Des Moines Police Department for 22 years and Officer Zachary McCarthy has been on the job for a year.


  • dm

    What a terrible thing to say! Someone’s father and son just died. What he did was horrible but to say something let that is uncalled for.

    • Balanced Perspective

      I find it difficult to have compassion for a man who, set out to do bodily harm or maim innocent people. IF he was such a worthy citizen, he would have also remembered that his “father” and “kids” would be hurt by his actions as well. Mentally ill, or high on drugs or alcohol doesn’t justify murder…

      Nobody wished him dead….He killed himself.

    • Jason

      HAHA. That is not a terrible thing to say! I will not, and most of society will not find compassion in someone who was looking to kill people.

    • Mario Lanza

      To Jim Puls: What you said is just more horrible. That father and son put high powered rifle bullets into 7 homes and 3 cars and a guy’s head…not very much something to memorialize, plus HE just victimized his father and son. Perhaps if he hit someone YOU cared about, YOU would belatedly see what every normal person sees. It is strange to see where you choose to put your first empathic effort.

  • Jim Puls

    What a terrible thing to say, about being a terrible thing to say! This guy could have easily shot and killed numerous innocent victims and children around Lincoln High had it not been for an early dismissal. The city is much safer with this guy in the ground!

      • Brittius

        ??? Meaning what? I do not understand your concern.
        Please get back to me, I would like to hear more.
        If you are displeased that I put many article posts out, you need not follow along.
        If something other than that is going on, I would like to hear about it. I am computer illiterate and do not have any advertising of my own, only wordpress.com puts ads on the site, they are not my own. I do not make money for this, and spamming is advertising from what I understand.
        You younger people would know about this better than I do.

  • David

    Just reading Iowa Courts Online this individual is a felon and was charged in 2008 with assault with a weapon. He was ordered to turn over his guns to the police back then

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